Fusion Chinese returns to the roots of Chinese cuisine by using only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods. We use no preservatives or MSG.

Cooking methods include:

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    Steaming, which preserves the natural taste.
  • Wok cooking (ts'ai kuo), which uses a tiny amount of oil for texture and flavor.
  • Roasting, which brings out the richness in meats.
  • Fusion Chinese has a Full Bar Menu that is served throughout the day.

Yin-yang, the Chinese philosophy of harmony and balance, plays a key role in Chinese cuisine. Food must be a balance of taste, texture and color.  Chinese cuisine can be traced back to the Peking Man some 400,000 years ago. Here at Fusion, we bring the art of Chinese cuisine into the new millennium.

Fusion Chinese brings the delicious tastes of traditional Chinese dishes to you in a new, healthier way.

We use only white chicken breast meat and have many grilled dishes on our menu.  All of our dishes are served with highly nutritious brown rice, but white rice is always available for those who prefer the less nutty flavor of white rice. 

Our chef is always ready to customize your dish so don’t be afraid to ask.

Dine In • Carry Out • Catering      Telephone:  (913) 685-4700